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Talon Starter Kit


Talon Tank System Starter Kit


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The new Talon Tank System is the most innovative and advanced electronic cigarette available anywhere. Now you can get it right here from Team Revolver.

This new liquid delivery system takes away the hassle of using cartridges with filler, cartomizers, and drip tips once and for all! Refilling your tank is a breeze! Simply fill the 1.1ml capacity tank cartridge and you will be nonstop vaping all day or longer. No leaking and no liquid in mouth. The tank cartridge automatically delivers liquid to the tank atomizer when it is needed. Now you can get through the day without having to worry about refilling liquid or changing cartridges.

The Talon comes with two different batteries. It has a 3.7v 650 mAh manual battery that doubles as a USB passthrough. Simply unscrew the cap at the tip and plug in! When not in use, screw back on the cap and the elegant look of portability is restored. If you are looking for something that will last all day or longer, then use the 1000 mAh manual USB passthrough battery. Combined with the large volume capacity of the tank cartridges, the Tank system is a virtually effortless all day vape machine!

To even further make things better, each battery has a built in shutoff switch. Simply press the manual button switch (5)five times in a row to turn on the battery. When you are not going to be using it, push (5)five more times and the battery is shutoff. Now you can safely carry Talon in your pocket without ever having to worry about accidentally activating it. We also included two cartridge sleeves to keep your mouthpiece covered and clean during travel or non-use. You can also carry your Talon in the provided Revolver carrying pouch.

In order to get you vaping right out of the box, we are throwing in your choice of any of our Premium USA eLiquid flavors available in a 10ml bottle. Just fill your blank tank cartridges and you are good to go. The tank cartridges are translucent so you can keep track of how much liquid is remaining.

1 - 650 mAh Manual USB Passthrough Battery
1 - 1000 mAh Manual USB Passthrough Battery
2 - Tank Atomizers
5 - Blank Tank Cartridges
1 - USB Battery Charger
1 - AC Adapter
1 - USB Cable
1 - Talon Carrying Lanyard
2 - Tank Cartridge Covers
1 - 10ml Bottle of Premium USA eLiquid in your choice of flavor/strength

*Only use the provided charger to recharge your Talon batteries.

You must be at least 18/21 years of age (depending on your state laws) or older to purchase this product . This product may contain the addictive substance NICOTINE. Do not use this item if you are a non-smoker, have an allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or if you are pregnant or nursing.

WARNING: Nicotine is toxic if ingested. Keep your electronic cigarette and cartridges OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN at all times! Liquid nicotine can be absorbed through the skin. If you come in contact with the liquid nicotine, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Store in a secure place away from children at all times. In case of emergency seek immediate medical attention and contact the Poison Control Center. For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222 American Association of Poison Control Centers. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to NICOTINE or PROPYLENE GLYCOL do not use this product. If you feel unwell after use, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
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  1. best of all time Review by Justin

    My talon was shipped almost right away and I couldn't be happier with its performance the best piece I have ever owned! (Posted on 1/21/14)

  2. The best for new vapers Review by Captain Sweatpants

    This is the best option for new vapors, the price coupled with value is amazing. The only drawback is that u tranonce yosition into vaping, you will choose a different style tank. My friends all started with this but swapped tanks. (Posted on 1/16/14)

  3. Great Product Review by Matt

    The Talon Tank System is my first foray into the world of DIY vaping, and holy cow is this thing awesome. The batteries last forever, the device is easy to use and pretty intuitive, and overall I'd recommend it to anyone that's looking for a quality, easy to use vape machine.

    A couple of recommendations if you're thinking about purchasing this:

    1. Pick up an extra pack of cartridges, especially if you're like me and like experimenting with new flavors. 5 seem like a lot but for the price it'd save you time and hassle to have a second set.
    2. The instructions that come with the device are terrible. Revolver has some great videos on their YouTube channel about how to use the Talon for the first time out of the box, as well as maintenance and cleaning. Watch these before using if you're new to this stuff so as to save yourself a lot of hassle and cursing. (Posted on 12/10/13)

  4. Perfect for the price! Review by Chris

    I bought this 4 hours after buying the G2(bought the G2 because I wasn't sure I would like e-cigs) and couldn't be happier with my decision. I bought this so my girlfriend and I can switch, I have nothing but good things to say about this product and will recommend it to everyone! (Posted on 11/15/13)

  5. Terrific Review by Chad

    This product is awesome. I started off with the ION and those did the job, but I wanted more. I definitely got more when I purchased the Talon. No goofy Cartos to fill CONSTANTLY. Just fill your tank with your favorite liquid or combination of liquids and vape. THATS IT. This product was basically ready to use out of the box. More throat hit, more vapor and more flavor as compared to the ION. So glad I made this purchase. (Posted on 9/23/13)

  6. Great Review by Rosemarie

    Less than a week and already cut cigarettes in half (Posted on 9/13/13)

  7. Great! Review by Cindy

    Seems to have everything you need to get started. Also includes a starter guide which I found very helpful being new to tanks and e-liquid. I would recommend to a friend! (Posted on 7/31/13)

  8. I am extremely happy! Review by Cindy

    I really like the Talon! When I first started to use the e-liquid with other cartomizers and my G2 I didn't really like the taste. I thought it just tasted oily. Now with the Talon Tank System I get the same flavor as using the prefilled carts and I get a great hit factor. The tanks and the batteries last a long time. I have noticed only minimal leakage when the tank is running low or has run out. (Posted on 7/31/13)

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Customer Review:
I really like the Talon! When I first started to use the e-liquid with other cartomizers and my G2 I didn't really like the taste. I thought it just tasted oily. Now with the Talon Tank System I get the same flavor as using the prefilled carts and I get a great hit factor. The tanks and the batteries last a long time. I have noticed only minim