Here at Revolver, we strive to be the best of the best. In order to keep things fresh around here, we have to constantly research and develop new products and eLiquids. Right now we would like to give you a few eLiquid updates that will get you as excited as we are right now! We have a number of things going on in the Revolver eLiquid are just a few of them:



We have a number of new flavor lines that are available for you to enjoy! First, we are proud to introduce the all new SMPL eLiquid line! Pronounced "simple", it actually is an acronym which stands for "Saving More on Premium Liquid". When we say you will be saving, we mean it! How does $4.99 for a 10ml bottle and $9.99 for a 30ml sound to you? In order to get the price this low, we had to strip down the flavors to their most basic form. Simple Tobacco, simple Menthol, simple vanilla, etc... While it isn't as complex and heavily formulated as our Premium USA line you can bet that the quality is still there! This is just another way we want to help you save even more money after switching from the expensive cigarette habit. This line will be available in 0, 6, 12, and 18mg strengths of nicotine. 

Another new line we are introducing is our ICE line. This is our answer to the classic Revolver Arctic Blast line from many years ago. There will be a number of great flavors that will be added to this line shortly, but in the meantime enjoy the first flavor "Blueberry Ice" which was previously called "Coolberry Blue" in our Premium USA line. The ICE line will only be available in 30ml glass bottles. 

The third and last new line at this time that Revolver is introducing is called the Smoker's Choice line. This is where you will find your tobacco and menthol flavors such as "Menthol Ice", "Hailstorm", "USA Tobacco", "Sandstorm", "Fire Cured", and more. The reason we are calling it Smoker's Choice is because we designed these flavors to taste and feel like a traditional cigarette, unlike many of the flavors in our other lines which are developed for taste and vapor production. We know the importance of making the experience as close to the real thing as possible when getting started. The Smoker's Choice line makes the switch easier than ever. As an added bonus, these flavors will be available in 60ml bottles soon!



There are a number of new and exciting flavors coming your way! The newest addition to our Premium USA and Max VG Drip lines is "Salted Caramel Ice Cream". This flavor has been tested in our brick & mortar shops for a few months now and has almost immediately become one of our best selling eLiquids. If you have a sweet tooth and like the sound of smooth and rich caramel with ice cream undertones, then you should try this flavor today!

Expect to see a number of new flavors in the next couple weeks!



We like to keep our flavor lines simple and fresh. In order to maintain that standard, we have to add and remove different flavors from time to time. You will notice that the Ultimate Glass line has been discontinued...well sort of. "Cinnister" and "Dark Coast" have become a part of the Premium USA line and are now available in 10ml bottles as well as 30ml bottles. The other three flavors are discontiued along with "Beast Energy", "Energy Bull", and "Vanilla Lush" from the Premium USA line. We do know however, that there are many customers who love these flavors. So rather than leave you hanging, we have decided that our discontinued liquids shouldn't really be discontinued. Instead, we have made them available by special order. This means that we will still make the flavor for you if you want to order it, but it will take a few extra days before the order ships. 

Stay tuned and check back often for more news and updates about our products and eLiquids! 



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