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So we’re not gonna lie. The eVic (or “Vapor Intelligent Cigarette”) is so smart it’s scary. It’s the most advanced e-cigarette on the market, so of course Revolver got their hands on it. Who ever thought that an electronic cigarette would know your vaping habits better than you do? Like the Magnum Volt, the eVic from Revolver is a Variable Voltage Device but it has several key features that set it apart. For starters, this is the first ecig on the market that has an optional software download. It’s got a digital display that can be customized using the MVR software to both show and set the current numbers of “puffs” you’re taking. Feel like having a 20 puff vape break? Simply set the counter and after 20 puffs the device will shut down. It also displays the temperature of your atomizer so you know when to let it cool down, as well as the battery life and number of puffs left before you need to charge. Your vaping habits are recorded and monitored, and you can view them by simply plugging your eVic into your computer. This is exceptionally helpful for vapors looking to “step down” their habits. Did we mention that the eVic firmware is upgradeable? It is! This means the device will stay current long after you purchase it. The eVic charges via USB cord, and its 2600mAh battery is more than enough to get you through the day. The variable voltage settings go from 3.0 volts to 5.0 volts and can deliver plumes of thick vapor and powerful throat hit. The eVic is definitely tailored to the hardcore vapor. For those looking for the absolute highest echelon of the vaping experience, look no further than the eVic.

As with the Magnum Volt, the eVic is compatible with a host of different products including G2 and Talon atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers. Choose cartomizers or one of Revolver’s many eliquid offerings!

Technical Specs

Rechargeable. Intelligent CPU, Variable Voltage
2 Piece, LCD Screen, USB Port
LCD Colors:
124(L)mm (Device only)
Battery Switch:
Battery Life:
1800mAh - 2800mAh
Battery Type:
Cartridge Type:
Cartomizer, Tanks
Cartridge Capacity:
2.0 - 6.0ml
Standard Working Voltage:
~3.0 - 5.0V