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Customer Feedback Survey

Now is the chance for you to tell us how you REALLY feel about us!

Every month we are going to let you "grade" our performance as a company. You will be able to rate your experience with us in a number of categories and leave feedback about anything specific you would like to communicate to us. You get to tell us what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong. The grade card is completely anonymous and we do not require any personal information to be submitted. We will be taking the information we gather from these and using the data as a tool to help become the company you want us to be. So please if you have time, check in once a month and let us know what you are thinking.

Fill out the grade card for July 2013 by clicking here: BEGIN GRADING US

Data will not be sold or given out to a 3rd party. It is for the private use of Revolver Electronic LLC. We fully appreciate your participation and honesty.

Thank you for your support!