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  1. Magnum Tank Colors

    Magnum Tank Colors

    Price From: $14.99
    The latest in tank technology. These Magnum Tanks hold either 3.5ml or 6.0ml of liquid and fit the Magnum Volt and the Talon. Available in four different colors. Please choose size and color. Learn More

  2. iClear 30

    iClear 30

    An easy to maintain, effective tank! Learn More

  3. Nitecore Charger

    Nitecore Charger

    Price From: $16.99
    The Nitecore Intellicharger is a brilliant accessory capable of charging a wide range of battery sizes and chemistries. Learn More

    Sold Out

  4. Magnum Device Lanyard Pouch

    Magnum Device Lanyard Pouch

    Keep your Magnum or eVic safe! Learn More

  5. Anodized 2.0 Transition Cover

    Anodized 2.0 Transition Cover

    Transition covers color matched for the Anodized 2.0 Magnum Tanks. Learn More

  6. Cartomizer Hole Punch

    Cartomizer Hole Punch

    Use these to add holes to your Magnum Tank Cartomizers. Learn More

  7. Transition cover 2.0

    Tank 2.0 Transition Cover, 3.5ml

    Use this Transition Cover to hide the connector threads when using a Magnum Tank 2.0 with your Talon batteries. Creates a smooth and visually pleasing transition and adds overall appeal to your device. Learn More

    Sold Out

  8. Magnum Volt Device

    Magnum Volt Device

    The Magnum Volt is the Ultimate Variable Voltage Device. This device allows you to dial in a custom voltage between 3.0 and 6.0. The higher the voltage, the bigger and more powerful the hit. You can now adjust your vaping experience until it is perfect for you! It is recommended to start at 3.0 volt and increase one click at a time until you find the setting that feels best. DO NOT start at 6.0 volts, you could hurt yourself if you are not prepared for that much power. This new version also fits a Talon Tank atomizer without the need for an adapter
    The Magnum Volt is compatible with most G2/510 atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers. If you use an atomizer, it is recommended to use High Volt Magnum Atomizers for best results. Learn More

  9. Magnum Tank

    Magnum Tank

    The latest in tank technology. These Magnum Tanks hold 3.5ml or 6ml of liquid and fit the Magnum Volt and the Talon. Comes with chrome end pieces. Please choose size. Learn More

  10. Trustfire Charger

    TrustFire Battery Charger

    TrustFire Multifunctional Battery Charger for the Magnum Volt Variable Voltage Device batteries. This charger will independently charge two separate batteries at a time. Each slot has an LED status indicator. Outputs 4.2v, 500mA.

    Please store your batteries in a safe place away from open flames and sources of extreme heat.

    Can also charge 10430, 10440, 14500, 16340, 17670, 18350, 18500, and 18650 rechargeable batteries or with PCB batteries. Charging any other battery other than Revolver sold Magnum batteries will be done at your own risk.

    *DO NOT use with any other Revolver sold batteries than the Magnum batteries. Learn More


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