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The e-cig takes away all the additives that come with a regular cigarette. In that sense, they're a healthier alternative. Also, they've allowed me to get in a quick drag of nicotine in places where it normally wouldn't be possible, ie: airplanes, airports, restaurants, etc...
- Adam Gontier, Lead Singer for Three Days Grace
I just started using the revolver electronic cigarette and it has already cut my smoking in half.
- Barry Stock, Guitarist for Three Days Grace
Switching over to the Revolver Ecig has been a great experience. Not only does it replace smoking a cigarette, but you can literally smoke it anywhere! I especially love it for airports. No more in and out, going through security 3 times on layovers. I smoke it in my bunk on the bus, all the non smoking venues and I've cut down on regular cigarettes quite a bit. I really enjoy my Ecig and all the different flavors I can choose from.
- Mark Castillo, Drummer for Emmure
I discovered Revolver e-cigarettes from all the positive reviews I found online, and it convinced me to try it out. At first, I bought the Elite for my wife because I wanted to help her cut down on her smoking, but I ended up becoming a proud Revolver e-cig user as well. I love my Revolver e-cig because I don't have to worry about smelling like tobacco smoke when I go to work and when I come home to my wife and kids. I don't have to worry about accidentally burning the carpet or the couch! And I am happy I am cutting down on the harmful second-hand smoke around me. I recommend Revolver e-cigs to all my family, friends, and anyone wanting to ween off from tobacco smoking or just interested in a cleaner, safer, healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes.
- Brian Sanchez, The Saturday Evening Post Indianapolis, Indiana
I had told my girlfriend that I wanted the Talon for Christmas. WOW! What a gift! The vapor is awesome and the taste of the liquid is so good. The only problem is, I dont wanna put it down! I got a sample of the Energy Bull, eliquid and its so good! It has so much flavor, and Im not a huge fan of Red Bull, but this eliquid is so right. After reading a few testimonies, my next purchase is from Revolver and it's the Magnum Tank, plus I wanna get a 30ml of the Energy Bull. Can't wait to see what their others are like too.
- David, Ohio
I have been using the Magnum kit. It has totally taken the edge off of smoking nasty cigs. Try using e-cigs for a couple days, then go smoke a cig. You will never want to again. You will see you have lost the taste for smoking and realize how nasty they really are. If you like strong hits, then pick a Magnum kit, pump up the voltage, and feel satisfied.
- Adam, Ohio
What made me want to quit smoking was my 4 year old telling me he wants to smoke when he gets bigger. It broke my heart. Although it's only been 2 weeks, I love the Revolver eCig I got and it is changing my life, as well as how different i feel heath-wise so thank you for not being over priced. I'm taking my life back!
- Anna , Florida
Wow. Smoking was something that had pinned me down, upon joining the Marine Corps I was unable to run my 3 miles because of my lungs. I am an avid weight trainer and considered myself quite fit until this realization. Since I switched to Revolver several months ago my lungs have completely cleared up. Smoking my e-cig is something I actually enjoy more than regular cigarettes now. The taste is AMAZING (on every flavor I have tried so far), vapor production is AMAZING, my G2 produces clouds of smoke when I want it to, the throat hit is AMAZING, and I get my nicotine fix! My girlfriend doesn't complain about the stink of cigarettes anymore and I can smoke indoors. I am absolutely amazed by this product and so grateful that I am still able to smoke without all the horrible heath problems. Thank you Revolver team and keep up the good work!!!
- Luke, Washington
I had been wanting to try an eCig for a while and had been avoiding it because of the cost and thinking it wasn't going to work. I finally did the math and for me, smoking a pack a day I was spending $150/month on cigarettes plus the gas $ to run to get them. I finally bought my eCig and I couldn't have been happier. Not only have I quit smoking (once I charged my battery I haven't smoked a single cigarette since) but I don't have to take time to go outside to smoke, I can spend more time with my family and enjoying whatever activity I am doing at the time. I love not smelling/tasting like an ashtray and I am pretty sure my husband likes it too. I recommend Revolver to all those that I know who smoke and will continue to because they are committed to their customers and providing outstanding products to those who enjoy nicotine without the harmful side effects!
- Ashley, North Carolina
Revolver Rocks! Not only is their website great, their product is too! I purchased the Ion and it has been a life saver! I havent had a tobacco cigarette since. The flavor options seem endless and I can vape anywhere! Thanks Revolver! And a big shout out to customer service! You guys and gals have been great!
- Christopher, Massachusetts
Have been using the Talon for almost a month now. Haven't totally quit smoking but have gone from a pack a day down to only a couple cigarettes per day. Would recommend it to everyone that smokes.
- Patty, Oregon
I have to say you have to try the Talon. Best product ever. Skip the rest! The Talon and all products that go with it are awesome. I love it! They have a Magnum Tank that keeps enough flavor that you aren't having to refill as fast as the smaller brands. I quit smoking cigs on August 24th of last year and I feel great! Try these, you will be so happy.
- Carol, North Carolina
Wow! I never thought ANYTHING could get me away from stinky, pricey cigarettes. I was told about Revolver and their products by a coworker and bought the Talon Starter kit. I was not let down. I couldn't even imagine going back to regular cigs. Not only do I feel better, I don't have to worry about smelling like cigarettes or the nasty aftertaste. Best of all, I'm not missing anything. The Talon and liquid do the trick.
- Jennifer, Ohio
I found Revolver on a website, what attracted me was the price and the options! Then I experienced the customer service, that clenched it for me. I bought the Talon Tank System. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and even better than I imagined. I tried other ecigs and in my opinion they were horrible! I judge on 3 things... smoke amount this gives a ton, taste I haven't found a flavor I don't like, and customer service they took time to talk to me to find out how much I smoked and advised accordingly. They didn't disappoint. I believe this is the best ecig possible. Why spend $200 for a lil ecig that may look like a real cig when u can get one that is stylish and can last all day and is easy to use and maintain. You want the best, then buy anything from Revolver!
- Chris, West Virginia
I bought the Talon about 2 weeks ago and I completely gave up regular cigs. I am never short of breath anymore. I have tried a few other types of e-cigs and this is the #1 E-cig on the market. I have been recommending this product to every smoker I come across. And on a personal note, Bill at the Monroe store is one of the greatest guys I have ever met. He completely cares about his customers and treats us like family. He went way above and beyond to help me get this product and worked with me on the price because I was a little light. I am now saving close to $200 a month and I thank the Vapor Lounge in Monroe for helping me to accomplish this. Keep up the great work and thank you for saving the lives of many of us former smokers.
- Fred, Michigan
I am very fortunate to spend quite alot of time in Hawaii which is awesome but that particular state has very strict smoking laws. Basically you can only smoke in your car or at home. Who wants to spend your time in your home?! Switching to e-cigs is a no brainer. I've tried many brands of e-cigs and Revolver has best products and customer service by far. My kids are so proud their mom no longer smokes "analogs" for all the health reasons we all know about. I can now indulge my new passion of surfing without gasping for breath and they no longer have to worry about my health or theirs. The vape lounge in Toledo rocks. Thank you everyone at the Toledo location for a happier...healthier family.
- Susan, Ohio
I use the Ion and I started while deployed in Afghanistan with the Army. I find that it's a cheap, easy way to stop smoking and stay stopped. I have recommended this to numerous people and six of my friends are using Revolver eCigs now. I have been smoke free two and a half years and could not imagine ever going back. Thanks Revolver for finding a way that I could remain smoke free.
- Nora, Pennsylvania
I was a pack a day Marlboro mild smoker. I smoked like a chimney. I decided to try ecigs due to financial issues as a pack of smokes is up to almost 7 bucks. I started with blu, which was nice, but I seemed to kill them quick and was recharging more than I was smoking. A friend of mine turned me on to Revolver as he bought a Talon kit. He was the occasional clove smoker and we shared cloves. I'll admit I was impressed when he gave me his other battery and a couple carts which lasted longer than blu. I have since been buying more into Revolver as I can get more for my money and spend more time vaping than waiting for a charged battery. I am more impressed and am able to make my vaping last longer and it is more enjoyable. I am now a loyal Revolver customer and will continue to buy from Revolver. Great product!
- William, Pennsylvania
Bought a Talon Tank system one month ago and I just can't say enough how glad I am that I spent the money for this. I feel that I am finally free from cigarettes after 31 years of smoking. Great system, very easy to use, and very worth it. I highly recommend this to all my friends.
- Chris, Michigan
I have to start by saying I feel great. I had been smoking cigarettes for 12 YEARS and I'm happy to say I am completely free of analog cigarettes. Have not smoked one in 3 months and have no desire to with my trusty Talon in hand. I have tried many different ecigs and wasted tons of money not knowing what was out there. I had purchased blu, V2, and Johnson Creek vea. Let me tell you don't waste any money on this stuff, it will leave something missing and you'll be wanting more. Not only does Revolver have the best equipment, but also excellent customer service. Would just like to say if I can, Angie in Toledo goes above and beyond to take care of you. If you're new to this site and are looking for something great no need to look elsewhere you found it! Thanks Revolver!
- Matt, Iowa
I have been smoking for almost 15 years and have tried practically everything to try to quit smoking. Now that I am a mother of two beautiful children, quitting is even more important... not just for my health, but for my children's health as well. Recently, my husband ordered me the Revolver Gemini, and although I was skeptical at first, it completely grew on me! I train myself by literally having my Gemini in my hand everywhere I go. Whenever I have a craving to smoke, I take a drag off my Gemini rather than reaching for my pack of cigarettes, and my craving stops. Before my Gemini, I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day! Now I am to the point where I'm only smoking an average of 3 cigarettes a day, thanks in large part to my Revolver Gemini. Thank you, Revolver, for helping me in my goal to quit smoking once and for all!
- Aimee, Indiana
I've been using the Talon for 5 days and have already stopped smoking cigs altogether after smoking a pack a day for 30 years. My 16mg level gives me all the nicotine I need and I have had no cravings. My advice, make the switch to the Talon with your brand of E-liquid and throw away the "cancer sticks" forever. Thanks and God Bless!!
- BJ, Ohio
Hi, my name is Scott and I've been smoking for 12 years (since I was 14). I'm a hardcore paintball player and need to be able to run and fight for hours at a time. I have quit smoking in the past but ended up going back. A friend introduced me to the Revolver and I just got mine recently. No more analogs for me. I can't wait to play at my full potential again. Thanks for having such a great product.
- Scott, New York
Well it has been one month now with my Revolver vapor system and no smoking how wonderful is that! I cannot believe after 37 years I am now a non smoker. I recommend this to everyone. My lungs are now stronger and I no longer cough. I feel so much better. I feel like I have my life back and I will hopefully add some good years to it!!
- Sandra, Mighigan
Hello my name is Jeremy, unfortunately I started smoking when I was a kid and have been smoking 2 packs of Marlboro Reds a day since I was 14 and I am now 30. But lucky for me I found Revolver. After a week and a half I am completely off the analog smokes, have been analog free for almost 3 weeks, and don't plan on ever going back. I love my Magnum Volt and Magnum Volt Compact. The Magnums give me that powerful hit that I crave and Revolver gives me flavors that taste great. I would definitely recommend Revolver eCigs to anyone who wants to quit and make their life better. Next on my list is to get the Evic which I'm sure will be just as impressive as my Magnum Volts.
- Jeremiah, Ohio
I have the Talon Tank System and love it!! Best way to quit smoking hands down!! I feel 100% better, my lungs are working better, and there is no nasty smell or after-effects. I have tried lots of different flavors and have found the best for me which is Peppermint and Red Hot Fireball mixed 50-50 (all in 16mg). That flavor combo is very flavorful and very smooth. I would recommend that to anyone. Thank you Revolver for helping me quit smoking!!!
- Ryan, Ohio
I have the Talon and I love it! Its been easy to stop smoking!
- Mel, North Carolina
I was a pack a day smoker for almost 20 years. I didn't think anything could get me to quit, I tried the gum and all sorts of things. I was sick of the stink of the cigs, the damage it did in my home, getting lung infections that never seemed to go away completely, not to mention the attitude of others who don't smoke now a days. Once I heard of these ecigs I thought I would give it a try. That was over 2 months ago. I loved these right away. I got the fulfillment of smoking and holding something to fiddle with like I did with smoking. I bought all sorts of great flavors and it doesn't feel like I had to give up the best parts of smoking that the other methods did. I have not picked up a real cigarette in over 2 months now and I have no desire to. This is the way to go! I am very happy with them! I highly recommend them to anyone who smokes or just wants a nice method of relaxing. It's also like having your own personal hooka with you in your pocket to soothe yourself in stressful times. Kind of a meditative;)
- Jennifer, Ohio
You guys certainly put together a great Gemini package!! I've been a 1+ pack a day smoker for 45 years & now prefer vaping the Gemini. I haven't had the urge to smoke a cigarette since receiving my Gemini. Thanks & keep up your excellent customer service.
- Jeff Guin, New Jersey
I love the e-cigs, they have great hit, awesome vapor with an excellent throat hit. I gave up cigs for good now! Thanks Revolver for saving years of my life with a healthier solution and the same effect. I recommend Revolver all the way!
- Rudy, Texas
Thank you very much for the excellent customer-service! Much thanks to yourself, and please pass on the kudos to the Revolver team!... ...I've got several of my friends who smoke interested in switching to an E-Cig instead of cigarettes, and I will *surely* recommend them to Revolver!
- Craig, Pennsylvania
You guys are one of the most transparent e-cig companies out there. Quality products, constant innovation, quick costumer service and affordable accessories are some of the reasons I’m recommending revolver super mini’s to my friends.
- Ali, Texas
I just got my Revolver E-cig today and I must say I give you guys a 10 out of 10!!!! The device works like a charm, the vapor production is amazing, amazing throat hit, and quick delivery. Thanks again!!! I will be definitely be buying more accessories from you guys without a doubt!!
- Ryan, Ohio
Thank you guys very much. I do appreciate it greatly and thanks for the extra effort. I am super excited about getting your product. Thank you very much for the fast replies as well. Unbelievable customer service.
- Drew, New Jersey
Awesome! Thanks so much for the quick response and great customer service! I will be recommending revolver to friends!!!
- Justin, Tennessee
- Rockapalooza, Michigan
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