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Everyday, more and more people are abandoning their cigarettes in favor of electronic cigarettes. With smoking laws going into effect, more and more people will rely on electronic cigarettes to get their fix while in public. But being able to use them anywhere is only one of the many advantages that consumers are taking advantage of by switching from traditional cigarettes. This is a trend that will continue to grow exponentially on a daily basis. Very few retailers currently sell electronic cigarettes, leaving the demand very high and growing. An opportunity like this does not happen very often. Revolver is now giving you the chance to cash in on this brand new and highly profitable market. By selling Revolver products not only will you be one of the few retailers in your area to sell electronic cigarettes, you will also have a superior product that will drive more and more customers away from their stores and into yours. This is your chance to boost sales and take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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