A Modern Take On The Revolver Elite

Revolver Elite

The Revolver Elite was our very first electronic cigarette to hit the market. It was met with such a high level of success that kicked off a vape revolution. As technology advanced and manufacturers begin to discontinue cigarette style products in lieu of new bulkier box type devices, many smokers were left with options they weren’t ready to adapt to. After looking far and wide for years, Revolver has found a suitable replacement for the Revolver Elite.

Smiss Emili

Introducing the Emili Duo, a compact cigarette style ecig with a smooth and realistic hit that delivers everything that a smoker could ever want. The kit comes with two batteries that fit inside of a portable charging case. Fully assembled, the Emili is about the same size as a traditional cigarette and is activated simply by taking a draw. The flavors that are produced from the replaceable atomizers are incredibly vibrant with no burnt taste. The vapor production is much better than the classic Elite as well. If you are a smoker looking for an ecig that closely resembles a tobacco cigarette, the Emili is for you.

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