Hello blog readers! Today, we are going to discuss some vaping news. We will talk about some new CBD issues with other stores, and vaping in general.

The U.S. Army has banned CBD and CBD products. Confusion about CBD has led the U.S. Army to ban it for soldiers, despite admitting that it isn’t harmful to the soldiers. This happened after a number of incidents involving soldiers getting sick from using “synthetic cannabinoids.” Even though CBD is mainly used as a pain and anxiety relief for users. Should soldiers be using cannabinoids?

Along with the banning for the Army, 23 various stores have been closed down for selling CBD products! One store to mention is located in Tennessee has raided using undercover operatives to purchase cbd based products such as candies. However, since it is illegal to sell CBD products in that state without a prescription from a doctor. The giant that is Wrigley, is currently suing a Jacksonville e-Liquid company by the name of Get Wrecked Juices LLC. This company, at the time, using the skittles branded candy in the photo and even using the trademarked slogan of “Taste the Rainbow”. Larger companies like this have gone after e-Liquid vendors and producers in the past for things like this.

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