Hello Blog readers, excuse us from the last post. We normally update weekly but with it being the holidays, we forgot to update it! We will come back at a later date to talk about rebuildables and priming coils.

This week we will talk about harm reduction. In a nutshell all harm reduction is cutting down (either reducing the amount of cigarettes or cutting them out completely), switching to non-tobacco nicotine products or non-combustible products such as electronic cigarettes. Vaping is all about harm reduction, it’s a healthier alternative to smoking combustible tobacco like cigarettes or pipe tobacco The rapidly growing popularity of electronic cigarettes shows that people are looking for alternatives. With vaping, you have large collection of different brands of devices, flavors, and even atomizers. Your breathing be improve along with improved sense of smell.

Check out this article to learn more about harm reduction to help you or someone you know quit smoking traditional tobacco.

For more information about pros and cons, check this link.

If you’re currently looking for a new device to get you started check out this device. Any electronic cigarette is better than smoking cigarettes.



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