Hello fellow vapers, the blog post this week will cover topics and articles about vaping news such as FDA lawsuits, vaping in Singapore and New York being banned.

The FDA has been hit with lawsuit left and right since the 2016 with their new regulations about e-Liquid and devices. Vapers and vaping companies are claiming the deeming rules are unconstitutional because they require the vaping companies to prove their devices aren’t as harmful as cigarettes, as opposed to the FDA having to prove that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. Vaping is a huge tool in harm reduction, and tool in helping smokers completely get away from tobacco. A study done by Public Health England shows that vaping is 95% safer than traditional tobacco. The battle is far from over, and vaping advocates will strive to fight for our right to vape and lead a healthier life.

Now, some states such as New York have cracked down on public vaping. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill to ban vaping anywhere cigarettes are already prohibited, like workplaces, restaurants and bars. Which is understandable, we should have a better etiquette compared to smokers. Vapers shouldn’t be using their devices in places where cigarettes aren’t allowed such as restaurants and stores. But what do you think?

The country of Singapore has also banned vaping entirely. If you’re caught with an e-cigarette or eLiquid, you could get fined up to 2000 Singapore dollars (roughly $1500 USD). Standard cigarettes are still readily available still, they did however increase the age for smoking from 18 to 21 years of age.

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