Hello Blog readers, this week we will talking about general vaping practices; priming coils,sub-ohm tanks, and rebuildables. These three topics all go hand-in-hand for vaping needs. Coil priming is a must for all replaceable coils/atomizers and rebuildables.

All coil priming is completely saturating the wicking material or cotton to ensure you don’t have any dry areas for possibility of burning the wicking material. Alternatively, you can fill your tank up and leave the tank sit for 10 - 15 minutes and let it naturally absorb your eLiquids.

Sub-ohm tanks are tanks with atomizer that have a resistance(ohms) below 1.0 ohms. Some popular sub-ohm tanks are the SMOK TFV12 and the uWell Crown 3 that have coils that are below that 1.0 ohm. These tanks for made for the ‘cloud chasers’, or people who are looking to produce more vapor as compared to most tanks like the Aspire Nautilus Mini, which is directed to a more concentrated throat hit. Sub-ohm tanks require a VG based e-Liquid. So check out some of ours!

Now, my favorite part. Rebuildables or RDAs, Theses are atomizers where you rebuildable the coil yourself. RDAs are for flavor chasers, cloud chasers, or people just trying to save a little extra money. Vapers tend to go this route for the customization of the RDA. You can put any type of coil for your needs into one of these. Generally, these are a bit pricier than a standard sub-ohm tank, but you’ll save money by not purchasing replaceable atomizers or coils.

If you wish to see a live demonstration of priming your coil check this video out!

Want to know how to build an RDA for yourself? Check this link out



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