Hello blog readers, today we will discuss the latest news in vaping. We will cover three topics; California paying children to vape in propaganda videos, false formaldehyde studies in eliquid, and something a little more light hearted. Dave Chappelle, comedian, is finally quitting smoking after so many years!

A casting company in LA is looking for actors to perform in a new anti-vaping ad being paid for by the California Department of Public Health. This isn’t the first time either, the CDPH has done anti-vaping ads such as “Gonna Getcha” to show parents and adults how vaping is marketed towards children. $75 Million dollars was spent on this anti-vaping propaganda. It's saddening to lie to smokers about an alternative that could save their lives.

Now, we move on to the formaldehyde studies. This has been a damaging study done by the New England Journal of Medicine that declared vaping is a larger cancer risk compared to smoking cigarettes. A new study done by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has added some extra evidence.

On a happier note, comedian, Dave Chappelle was seen using a juul, similar to our iCare products, during his Netflix special on New Year’s Eve. He is known to be an extremly heavy smokers. If celebrities can quit smoking, so can you!

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