FDA Compliant Labels

eLiquid Warning Labels

For many years now, vaping has been under the microscope of the FDA with a future that is uncertain. Everyday we are lucky to be able to be free from the shackles of traditional smoking because vaping has been extremely successful in helping to make the switch. Despite rave reviews and testimonials from ex-smokers, the FDA is still regulating and trying to break down the industry.

At Revolver, we understand the need for regulation and are doing our part to make sure we represent the industry in the best light possible. When you purchase our eLiquid, you will receive the finest quality flavored nicotine mix bottled with a childproof cap and an FDA compliant warning label. We want to remain as safe and as transparent as possible and leave behind the vaping era of “anything goes”. We want to make sure we are still around in 10 more years to help get smokers off of the cancer sticks once and for all.

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