Pods: Pocket Sized Vapor

Pods Portable Vaping

Pods are the latest craze in the vape world at the moment. They are pocket sized vaporizers that come in many different colors and sizes. Pods are mainly for beginners, or new vapers converting from traditional cigarettes. However, even seasoned vapers use pods as their on-the-go choice. The main difference from other vaporizers is that the pods use a special Nic Salt type of eLiquid which can not be used in your normal ecigs. You also should not use traditional eLiquid in your pod system. The nicotine salt solution provides a less harsh hit for those who like to vape a little more smoothly. The flavors in the eLiquid also remain bold regardless of the nicotine level you are vaping. Best of all, pods are much less expensive than the latest vape devices. If any of these benefits appeal to you, get yourself a pod device today!

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